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Sailing was originally a retirement plan that grew impatient on me.  


Bad decisions make great memories





Someone onces told me that you have to do the things that scares you if you want to get the most out of life. Sailing was one of them.


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Here's a few things that made our life easier while cruising for the last year and highly recommend. While ordering thru the links below, you also help us making a few dollars thru Amazon affiliate at no extra cost to you. WIN WIN!


Nigel Calder's Book: Mechanical and ELECtrical Manual

Nigel Calder's book has been a bible, it's a most have on board and the last edition feature all the latest system and batteries technologies. Remember you'll not always have internet and when you don't... that will be your only resource. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Sea of cortez: a cruiser's guidebook, 3th edition

This book by Shaun and Heather has been the most accurate and updated. Really simple to understand, bunch of pictures, hike, diving, fishing spots and etc.